Lucinda Snowdrop Lucinda Snowdrop

by Marian Grudko

Marian Grudko's beloved musical tale is now a book, illustrated by the wonderful Magdalene Carson. With the book, we include a free download of the story read by Marian, accompanied by her enchanting musical score.

"Dreamy and lyrical storytelling, Marian Grudko quite literally brings a toy bunny to life, to dance in the garden among the flowers, on a promise, and in hopes, to make Grandmother well...Always dance among the flowers, be it by warmth of sun...or magic of moon."

- Tania Guarino, author of
Meet the Quackers

"Where did I journey yesterday? To Marian Grudko's amazing, ethereal performance rendering of picture book Lucinda Snowdrop. I'm still!"

- Raven Howell, poet and author of My Community and Shimmer: Songs of Night

Lucinda Snowdrop

Lucinda is only a toy bunny,
yet it's up to her to save Emmie's grandma.
Will Lucinda make the right choice?
Will she do the right thing?

With the help of The Great Silver Falcon, Lucinda goes through a transformative journey and learns the power and pain of promises and love.

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